It is safe to say that, as of this moment, there are a few thousand job openings within a one hour drive of where you are right this minute. Are all of the jobs worth applying for? Will any of these jobs pay you what you deserve or what you need to make to keep a roof over your head?

Here are just a few of the positions that are available in the City of Kingston, New York:

City of Kingston Assessment Data Collector - Full-time vacancy $55K

Woman Construction Worker with Slow Sign

Here are just a few of your potential tasks: Typical work activities include inspecting real property (land & improvements) in the field and/or by photographs or by other technological means; verify measurements and construction information as it relates to new construction, additions, existing improvement/building stock; update the Assessor’s records accordingly (Paper and Electronic); review building plans

Assistant Corporation Counsel - Part-time vacancy $55K

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The ideal applicant will have experience in one or more of the following substantive
areas: administrative law, land use, legislative drafting, parliamentary procedure, and zoning. The successful candidate must have impeccable discretion and the capacity to participate in evening meetings, either in-person or remotely.

Deputy Assessor - Full-time vacancy $55K

Photo Credit: WGRZ-TV
Photo Credit: WGRZ-TV

The Deputy Assessor performs specialized assessment work, assisting
the Assessor in various phases of real property tax assessment and evaluation of real property throughout the City of Kingston. The work is performed under the general supervision of the Assessor

Engineering Technician - Full-time vacancy $60K

ThisisEngineering RAEng via Unsplash
ThisisEngineering RAEng via Unsplash

A full-time Engineering Technician to be responsible for assisting the City Engineer in performing technical office and field work supporting the activities of the City Engineering Office

Grants Manager - Full-time vacancy

Open Laptop On The Messy Desk

The work consists of researching grant funding opportunities at the federal, state, local and foundation levels. Grant administration and coordinating grant management activities.

Heavy Motor Equipment Operator - Full-time vacancy $52.5K


Operates one or more types of specialized heavy automotive equipment and performs a variety of manual tasks in connection with such operations; does related work as required.

Motor Equipment Operator - Full-time vacancy $50K

Excavator dig trench at forest area on amazing sunset background
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This is recurring manual work involving responsibility for the safe and efficient operation
of various types of motor equipment. The work is performed under general supervision. 

Project Manager - Engineering - Full-time vacancy $55k

The incumbent will manage capital projects including civil engineering/ infrastructure projects such as wastewater collection, wastewater treatment, transportation, drainage improvements, and architectural projects such as buildings projects which may include plumbing, electrical, mechanical, roofing, structural and similar projects.

Project Manager - Health and Wellness - Full-time vacancy $55K


The incumbent will support the Live Well Kingston Commission (LWK),
its Focus Groups, advance communications, and assist with other health-related City projects.

Project Manager - Parks and Recreation - Full-time vacancy $55k

Full-time Project Manager to report to the Director of Parks and Recreation. The incumbent will oversee various Parks and Recreation related projects through planning,
design and development.

Water Superintendent - Full-time vacancy

Helmut Seisenberger
Helmut Seisenberger

This job pays between $95,000 to $110,000, depending upon qualifications. Deadline to apply for this position is February 9, 2022.

For complete details of each position, as well as the deadline to apply, click here. 

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