The Kingston Police Department has put out a warning to residents about the ongoing problem.

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According to the Kingston Police Department, they have been responding to several calls about the use of air guns and spring guns. At fist it sounds harmless, but the particular kind that are reportedly being used are Gel Blasters, Orbi guns, Bead Blasters and Nerf Gelfire propel small beads/balls from a battery powered spring system. Most of them have been advertised as a safer alternative to airsoft guns/ paintball guns, but there's been big problems with the use of them, especially in Kingston.


According to sources, the use of these guns in cities has caused fear among residents nationwide and in the Hudson Valley. People allegedly think they are witnessing a shooting or about to witness one and had caused an increase of calls to police departments. Residents reportedly have thought people are walking around with a loaded firearm and it has fueled more fears about violence.

The Kingston Police Department is putting out a warning that any kind of call regarding a gun is taken extremely seriously and is handled with extreme care. When a call involving a gun comes in, but is false it brings an unnecessary risk to the officers responding and those in the area. This should go without saying, but any game should be strictly for fun and should create any harm or risks for anyone. Use common sense, be smart and respect everyone.

***Reminder- The possession of these Gel guns are illegal for those under 16 years-old as per NYS Penal Law section.

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