The large dog park will be closed until further notice.

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The Hudson Valley is filled with beautiful parks, dog parks and more to enjoy. We have a ton of choices of where we can spend time outdoors at and most people around here try to be outside as much as they can. I was recently on Facebook and an interesting post came up on my feed mentioning how a certain park in Kingston will be closed until further notice.

What park in Kingston, NY is closed for the time being?

According to the Kingston Parks and Recreation Facebook Page, they have had to TEMPORARILY close the large dog park at Kingston Point Park. However, the small dog park is still open to the public and can be used. The big question is.....why is the large dog park at Kingston Point Park closed for now?

That particular part of the park has had to close down because of snapping turtle nesting areas in the field. The last thing anyone needs is to be running around with their dog and run right into a snapping turtle. Again, I always feel like I have to say this...DO NOT HARM ANY SNAPPING TURTLES IF YOU SEE THEM. We all have to try to exist together and this is just a warning for those who wanted to go and use the large dog park.

For now the large dog park is closed, but we will keep you posted when more details come out and it reopens.

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