Ok, so there are a few things that are pretty cool that have come out of this whole Covid quarantine thing. Come' on. You have to admit that ordering your groceries online and being able to pick them up without having to leave your car is pretty great. Or wait, having your beer delivered? Ordering your wine or vodka from your favorite place and they have curbside service? Don't even get me started on how awesome it is that you can get cocktails to-go from your favorite restaurant. I thought of that idea years ago, but it was illegal. Something about an open container law? I digress.

It is pretty cool that you can be a member of a studio audience without even having to leave your house. Kelly Clarkson is a genius. Nope, I am not even going to contemplate that it was a member of her staff, not this is 100% Kelly.

Virtual audience members? Think about it, you get to be a member of her studio audience, you can wake up as late as you want, just leave enough time to do your hair and makeup before you show up to your Zoom casting call. There is all the fun without the hassle of having to get yourself to Los Angeles.

How can you make this happen? First off, tickets to shows are usually free. This is no different. You have to go to her ticket website, enter some details, which include which show you would like to be a part of the taping. From a quick look at the schedule, when she is working she is taping two shows a day, a morning and an afternoon show, and all the times, appear to be Pacific Standard time.

So what do you think? Get your best smile on and get ready? I totally agree. I have been to one show taping before and it was for Anderson Cooper's talk show when he had one, I think it was only on one season. For me, it was super cool to see the 'behind the scenes' actions of it. I think that this will also be pretty interesting and exciting.

Let's do it!


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