This Westchester teenager shot her shot on American Idol and hit a bullseye! Kaylin Hedges, a 15-year-old sophomore at Fox Lane High school, wowed the judges on Season 21's second episode.

Who is Kaylin Hedges?

Before we even get into her American Idol audition, we need to talk about Kaylin Hedges. The singer/songwriter/musician is no stranger to the stage and screen. She was featured in a short film called A Music Lesson and was on an episode of Shattered on Investigation Discovery Channel.

On stage, she portrayed Haley Westerbrook in the new Broadway-bound musical Loch Ness. 

Before her Idol audition, she was best known for her portrayal of Annie in Annie performed at the Hollywood Bowl, directed by Michael Arden. Kaylin received rave reviews for her optimistic spirit and "stunning vocal performance." However, her Idol audition may make the top of her resume.

Kaylin Hedges on American Idol

Hedges chose to sing Lonestar's smash hit "I'm Already There." The judges felt that her voice was so strong and well-controlled, especially for a 15-year-old. They said it was incredible how she could navigate between her falsetto and her chest voice so easily and appropriately.

The song had a special meaning to Kaylin. Lonestar's song is about being there in spirit when you can't be physically present. Her father is stationed in the military out in Hawaii and has spent a lot of time away from his family. Despite the distance, he always tries to support himself when and how he can.

After Kaylin's performance, judge Katy Perry took out a tablet saying that Kaylin's dad sent in a message. In it, he said how he misses her so and hates the fact that he has missed important moments in her life, but that he is always with her and that she should "take a look around."

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Cue Kaylin's father coming in from the back to surprise his daughter. The reunion was quite emotional. Even Kaylin's mom had no idea he would be there, and rushed into her husband's arms after the initial shock of his presence.

YouTube / TALENTKINGHD, American Idol / ABC
YouTube / TALENTKINGHD, American Idol / ABC

The Hedges family held hands altogether as the judges told them some incredible news. Kaylin Hedges won one of American Idol's new platinum tickets, which are only given out to three people each season. Platinum tickets allow contestants to skip the first round of Hollywood auditions and pick who they will duet with later in the competition.

It looks like Kaylin has a lot to look forward to on this season of American Idol. You can watch her performance below. American Idol airs on Sundays at 8pm on ABC, and you can watch the next day on Hulu.

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