A huge crime boss spent some time in a correctional facility in the Hudson Valley.

Most people have heard of the notorious mobster John Gotti aka the Teflon Don. I'm going to stick with the word "allegedly."

Gotti was allegedly the boss of the Gambino Crime Family and eventually served time in person. Many people refer to him as one of the most notable and popular "crime bosses." Well, he spent some time in the Hudson Valley during his imprisonment.


What Hudson Valley prison housed John Gotti?

Green Haven Correctional Facility is located at 594-NY-216 in Stormville, NY. If you have ever driven by the prison you notice that it's kinda in the middle of nowhere and it's pretty big in size. Green Haven is a maximum security prison....yikes.

The prison did house the state's execution chamber when the state had the death penalty....double yikes. So back to John Gotti, he spent some time at the Green Haven Correctional Facility and it was anything but a normal prison stay.

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Gotti reportedly bribed the prison guards while he was there and was allowed to leave the facility to allegedly meet with other mobsters at restaurants in New York City and even visit his home in the Howard Beach section of Queens. What? Kinda defeats the whole reason behind being in prison if you ask me.

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I was pretty surprised to hear that John Gotti spent time right in your backyard here and the crazy story behind it.

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