This time of year if you plan to spend any time in the woods it is important that you keep a few things in mind. With the leaves off the trees, you can see farther, but that doesn't always mean you will be seen. Make sure to wear bright colors.

Speaking of bright colors, you might start to notice bright-colored ribbons in trees. Colored markers are used for various reasons in the woods and some should not be ignored.

Why Do Certain Trees Have Markers in New York Woods?

Permanent marks on trees with spray paint and markers nailed into trees can impart important information. Trail markers are good examples of that. They are usually brightly colored so you can easily stay on the trail. Paint on trees also sends messages, by now you have heard about the purple paint. But what about other colors?


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As you walk down a road in the Hudson Valley you might notice what seems to be ribbons hanging on tree branches or wrapped around the tree. They could be any color but if they have been displayed correctly the color gives you information.

What Do the Pink Plastic Ribbons Mean Tied to Trees? shared a color chart that explains what each color should mean. For instance, green paint can mean the tree may be removed but a green ring could signal a bug problem. Other colors used can be orange, blue pink, and yellow.

So what is the purpose of a pink ribbon? These signal property lines. They can also signal trees that may need to be taken down that are on a property line.

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Recently I have noticed a lot of these pink markers in my travels. I wondered why they were randomly tied to trees along the sides of the road. Today I saw a for sale sign go up so I guess the mystery is solved.

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Pink Ribbons Mark The Road Through This Piece of Land For Sale in Esopus

Ulster County Land For Sale with Old Logging Roads

The property that is for sale at 334 Swartekill Road in Esopus, New York has some very unique features. It is so unique that the real estate agent has marked the property with pink ribbons. Natural rock outcropping, old logging roads, and a view of the surrounding mountains make it a great piece of land that is on both sides of the road. The property has been in the same family for 90 years. Come plan your family's homestead.

Gallery Credit: Paty Quyn

Own a Hudson Valley Island

Island for Sale in the Wallkill River

The house for sale at 1091 Albany Post Road is small but stunning. The 70-plus acres that come with the sale are beautiful but the best part of this house is that you will also be the proud owner of an island in the Wallkill River in Gardiner New York.

Gallery Credit: Paty Quyn