Ulster County Executive Jen Metzger has announced the winner of the 2024 Ulster County School Bus Driver of the Year award!

Last week we told you about Linda Lawlor, the 2024 Dutchess County school bus driver of the year, and as soon as Dutchess County made the announcement many of us (me included) wondered if any of the other Hudson Valley counties would be honoring any of their hardworking, dependable school bus drivers.

Ulster County Bus Driver of the Year
Ulster County/Canva

Ulster County Honors School Bus Driver

Thankfully, we have an answer from the folks in Ulster County as they have officially announced the winner of the 2024 Bus Driver of the Year! Gale Borden, a long-time school bus driver for the Onteora Central School District has just won the Ulster County School Bus Driver of the Year Award.

The award is handed out each year by the Ulster County Traffic Safety Board in conjunction with "Operation Safe Stop" to recognize drivers with exceptional service and safety records.

Ulster Bus Driver of the Year 2024
Ulster County

Gail Borden School Bus Driver of the Year

Borden, who has not only been driving school buses in the Onteora Central School District for 42 years, she has also single-handedly raised three children while working multiple jobs.

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She's additionally helped organize donations to families in times of need, cooked delicious meals for the local fire company, and served the community when thousands lost their homes during Hurricanes Irene and Lee according to the Ulster County website.

Many of Borden's current and former riders fondly remember her from the bus and when she was asked about her lifetime of school bus driving she said, "I've loved every minute of it and have had a lot of laughs, a lot of tears and said a lot of prayers!"

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Sue Miller, a bus driver for more than 20 years in the New Paltz Central School District also received an Honorable Mention for School Bus Driver of the Year. Not only does Miller demonstrate safety, kindness, respect, and dedication to her students she is also a role model for other drivers according to the county.

Ulster County Executive Jen Metzger said,

"Congratulations to Gale Borden and Sue Miller for their dedication to service and school bus safety. We are grateful for their care, commitment, and professionalism, and for being exemplary models each and every school day in safely transporting children to and from school. Their jobs and those of the approximately 700 school bus drivers throughout Ulster County are so vitally important to the well-being of our children."

Congratulations to Gail and Sue!!

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