Making time to get to the DMV can be difficult especially if it means you have to go out of your way to get to a county building on a busy work day. A lot of things can be done online nowadays but sometimes you need to go in person.

I am trying to figure out when I am going to get to the DMV to get my driver's license upgraded for travel and I don't live too far from Kingston, New York. The hassle is getting to the office, parking, and then not being closer to work which is in the opposite direction. Planning to stop at one of the Ulster County DMV Mobil Unit locations would probably make more sense.

Where are the Locations for the Ulster County DMV Bus

If you live in Ulster County you can visit a mobile DMV office. It is a bus that travels to various Towns in Ulster County during the week. The hours are limited but if you plan ahead you should be able to catch the bus when it pulls in near you. It is on the road Monday through Friday, however, the Thursday stop may be unavailable for the foreseeable future. (Update Thursdays are Back 3/21)


Why is the DMV Bus Not In New Paltz on Thursday

Update - The Bus Returns to New Paltz Thursday 3/21/2024

Thursday is the day that the bus usually parks in New Paltz at the New Paltz Community Center 3 Veterans Drive. However, according to a post from the Ulster County Clerk's Office, the DMV bus will not be in New Paltz for the next few weeks. Word is that the electrical source that the bus uses at that location is out of service.

The report of electrical issues was part of a Facebook post from the Ulster County Clerk's Office - Nina Postupack, County Clerk. It stated that the Town of New Paltz was working on some electrical issues at the site and that the bus would not return until the issues were resolved.

Canva / Ulster County Clerk's Office - Nina Postupack, County Clerk
Canva / Ulster County Clerk's Office - Nina Postupack, County Clerk

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People commented that they would like to see the bus pick a different location in New Paltz or a neighboring community so that they didn't lose the Thursday service. The Ulster County Clerk's office has not responded to those comments at the time this article was posted. We will update you if they choose a new Thursday spot until the electric problem gets resolved.

What can I get done at the Mobil DMV Bus?

The mobile unit is capable of handling quite a few tasks someone might need to do at the DMV office in person. They can handle driver's license renewal, learner's permits, non-driver I.D., Real I.D., Vehicle registration and registration renewal plus plate surrender, duplicate title requests, and change of address. The mobile unit can make it easy to get DMV tasks wrapped up without traveling to Kingston, New York.

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