If you are planning to drive in the Town of Ulster in April be aware of a major construction project that will close down a high-traffic bridge.

One of the most annoying things that can happen to someone while they are driving is encountering an unexpected traffic detour that is going to wind up costing them a bunch of extra time because they had no idea the construction was even happening.

Leggs Road Town of Ulster

Traffic Detour in the Town of Ulster

In an effort to avoid that happening to drivers in the Town of Ulster, the Town Clerk has announced on Facebook that they are preparing for one of the town's high-traffic bridges to be shut down which will lead to a major detour in town.

For some time the Leggs Mill Road Bridge in the Town of Ulster has been one of the bridges in town that needed to be replaced and because it's an Ulster County-maintained road it's the county's responsibility to take care of the repairs.

Leggs Mill Road
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After contacting the Ulster County Public Works department recently to try and find out when the bridge would be replaced the Town Clerk has announced that the county has confirmed that bridge construction will begin on or near Monday, April 1st.

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The bridge construction project will include the removal of the entire bridge and a new one will be put in its place. The entire construction project is expected to take approximately three months to complete.

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Leggs Mill Road Bridge Town Of Ulster
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Town officials are reminding drivers to plan on taking an alternate route during the entire project as no traffic will be allowed through the area during construction.

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