The New Year will bring lots of new things our way. It will also see some familiar things make permanent changes. I realize some people don't like change, but change can be good.

A great example of change being good is what will be happening for one popular restaurant in Orange County, New York. I guess rumors had been swirling, so The Helm in Greenwood Lake, New York decided to post a video explaining what will be happening for them in 2024.

The Helm in Greenwood Lake Announces They Are Moving Locations

The Helm via Facebook
The Helm via Facebook

The Helm at 649 Jersey Ave in Greenwood Lake is award-winning and a Lake Favorite. It took Best of the Hudosn Valley in 2017 for Orange County Restaurant and all you have to do is drive by to see that it is extremely popular.

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The Helm via Facebook
The Helm via Facebook

The menu offers everything from Smoked Wings to Chicken and Waffles to Salmon Salad and Sizzling NY Strip. The Brunch Menu is full of fresh twists on classic choices.

The Helm is Moving to Warwick, New York

As Mark from the Helm explains in the video posted to social media late last week it is time for The Helm to move from the Lake. He expresses his gratitude to the loyal customers and explains why they felt it was time. He also mentions in a humorous way that the new location will have more parking and better septic.

When is The Helm Closing on Greenwood Lake

According to what Marc shared in the video they expect to serve at the current location until February 4th, 2024 then they are planning to open in Warwick in March. He also mentioned that they are retaining the original lake location for private parties.

The Helm via Facebook
The Helm via Facebook

The only thing Mark didn't mention is where in Warick the new Restaurant will be. I am confident that when it comes time to open that news will be shared.

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