One of New York's most popular flea markets has announced its dates for 2024.

As a new year starts and the temperatures are around freezing the last thing you might be thinking about is walking around outside shopping at a flea market BUT before you know it winter will be over, spring will arrive and many of us will be ready to flea market!

Stormville Flea Market. Stormville, New York
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Stormville, NY Flea Market

YES! The folks at one of the most famous flea markets in New York have announced that they are ready for their 54th year of providing flea market lovers the chance to walk around eat, shop, and possibly uncover some hidden antique treasures. The Stormville Airport Antique Show and Flea Market have announced on Facebook that they have selected the dates in 2024 for their "as seen on TV" flea market!

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Stormville Airport Antique Show and Flea Market in 2024

Personally, I know that I don't feel complete every year unless I visit the Stormville flea market at least once, and in 2024 it appears that we will have a bunch of dates to shop and explore the flea market and antique show. The flea market will open for its 54th year in April and be open to the public on Saturday, April 27th, and Sunday, April 28th. The flea market will continue to offer guests the chance to shop on the following dates in 2024...

  • May 25th & 26th
  • July 6th
  • August 31st & September 1st
  • October 12 & 13th
  • November 2nd

Once the flea market opens in April it will feature over 400 exhibitors and be open from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. The Stormville Flea Market is located at 428 Route 216 in Stormville, NY, and is FREE to enter with plenty of parking. No pets are allowed and the flea market is open rain or shine.

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Hudson Valley's Most Famous Flea Market

Years ago when the Stormville Flea market was featured on HGTV's "Flea Market Flip" show many of us were already aware that the flea market was a must-visit every year. Since it appeared on the TV show the flea market has become a must-visit for flea market lovers from all over the country so it gets extremely busy when they are open. If you are planning to go in 2024 get there early!

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Ultimate Yard Sale in Stormville, New York

The Stormville Airport Antique Show and Flea Market also announced that they will be holding two Ultimate Yard Sales in 2024. Those will take place on Saturday, June 15th, and Saturday, September 14th, and offer guests the chance to grab deals at one of the biggest yard sales anywhere!

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