Grocery shopping in Saugerties, New York is about to get a little harder as one of the popular places to shop in the area has told customers they are closing.

Over the last year, Hudson Valley grocery shoppers have been informed that at least one big-name grocery store is closing a store before the end of the year. Last year ShopRite announced they plan to close numerous locations across New York State including the ShopRite store in the Ellenville, NY area. (That location is scheduled to close in the summer of 2024.)

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Saugerties Grocery Store Closing

Grocery shoppers in the Saugerties area have taken to social media to post that Mother Earth's Storehouse located at 249 Main Street in Saugerties is rumored to be closing its doors for good on Friday, February 9th. The post, which went up Thursday on the Saugerties Village Facebook group said that the store is closing Friday (2/9), at 5 p.m. "No notice, no sign, no sale."

Numerous shoppers left comments on the social media page saying that they had gone into the store recently and were told it was closing Friday with one saying, "I stopped in today to confirm the information!" To confirm if the store is closing or not we did reach out to Mother Earth's and spoke to an employee who did confirm that the store will be closing for good on Friday, February 9th.

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Are All Mother Earth's Stores Closing?

The employee didn't provide any reasons why the Saugerties store was closing but did say that the Mother's Earth's store in Kingston would remain open. What happens to store employees when a store closes like this? The employee also told us that she was offered a similar position at the Kingston store but wasn't sure if she was taking the position or not.

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Mother Earth's Storehouse

Mother Earth's has a long history of being one of the Hudson Valley's best natural food and vitamins stores offering customers some of the best organic foods and produce available. They've been recognized as the "Best Health Food Store" and voted "Best Organic/Healthy Cuisine" according to their website. At one time Mother Earth had three Hudson Valley locations with stores in Kingston, Saugerties, and Poughkeepsie.

The Poughkeepsie store was sold a while back and opened under a new name (now closed) and now with the Saugerties store closing, there's only one location left, located at 300 Kings Mall Court Kingston, NY. It's unclear if anything will replace Mother Earth's Storehouse after they close, but we will update this article when more information becomes available.

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