A Dutchess County family has been hard at work prepping for Halloween and now is the time to take it all in.

October Brings Spooky Season to Hudson Valley

The Dellamura family in Poughkeepsie, New York is buzzing with excitement as we turn the calendar to October, aka Spooky Season. Last year we heard about their haunted graveyard display that had the whole neighborhood talking and it looks like they are at it again!

DELLAbration Displays, Facebook
DELLAbration Displays, Facebook

Kayla Dellamura tells us their Halloween 2023 display at 45 Kerr Road in Poughkeepsie will be running every day. Once the sun goes down the lights will illuminate their haunted display and on the weekends a special fog machine will be running too, to really give it that haunted feel.

As it's the beginning of the season there is still some work to be done and decorations to be added, but the chilling display is ready for your eyes.

Poughkeepsie Family Turns Front Lawn into Terrifying Display

Guests are encouraged to get out of their cars and walk around to get a better look at the Dellamura Halloween creation. Kayla adds they welcome all visitors to take photos and selfies with the monsters and to tag them on social media @DELLAbrationdisplays. 

Kayla Dellamura
Kayla Dellamura

While the family wants nothing more than for you to enjoy your spooky visit they ask that visitors stay "a few feet in front of the display areas while walking, and please do not touch/go into displays due to wires, and delicate props."

We asked Kayla about her passion for decorating and what inspires her to put in all this work, she told us:

We love the holiday season and being festive! We’ve always loved Halloween and being creative but living right across from the elementary school, and in a great neighborhood that appreciates our hard work is a huge factor for us! The kids look forward to what we put out every year, and even shout to us from the playground at recess about how much they love our display when we’re outside setting up!

Poughkeepsie Community Supports Halloween Fun

Kayla continued to tell us that community support is what keeps them going and creating new Halloween displays:

"The endless smiles and jaw drops on the kids faces when we see the busses and cars come and go each day, and people in the neighborhood popping in to say how great everything looks definitely fuels us to keep coming up with bigger and better ideas!

Fingers crossed we'll be seeing more spooky fun in 2024! Not to rush through the Halloween season, but the Dellamura Family also goes all in on Christmas too.

Kayla Dellamura
Kayla Dellamura

Take a look below at a little sneak peek at what you can expect at the Dellamura family Halloween display this year if you're brave enough...:: insert spooky laughter here::

Poughkeepsie, NY Family Has Halloween Fun with Hauntingly Charming Front Lawn Display

As the sun goes down in Poughkeepsie, the Dellamura Halloween light display will illuminate the nights and frights!

Check out the Dellamura family display from 2022:

Poughkeepsie, NY Family Turns Front Yard into 'Haunted Graveyard' For Halloween 2022

This Poughkeepsie, NY culdesac has taken a hauntingly fun turn. Where is your favorite Halloween decoration display?

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