One of the hottest stars of 2024 was spotted supporting a local business in the Hudson Valley. Is this the first celebrity sighting of the year?

What is Saltburn?

Saltburn is the big movie of the moment currently streaming on Amazon Prime. If it wasn't for TikTok I would have no idea what Saltburn was. The movie is stirring up many emotions for viewers, so much so that they are filming their reaction and their friends and family's reactions to the last scene in the film.

@itstoriparker What a roller coaster #saltburn #saltburnreaction ♬ Perfect (Exceeder) - Mason & Princess Superstar

One comment from the TikTok posted above reads: "I just got done watching it and I have never in my life felt so disturbed."

A quick synopsis of the movie explains:

Distraught by his classmate Oliver's unfortunate living situation, Felix, a rich student, invites him over to his estate. Soon, a series of horrifying events engulf Felix's family.


I haven't watched it yet, so I'm not sure if this synopsis sums Saltburn up perfectly, but I'll make sure to check back in when I do finally watch it.

With that being said, one of the stars of the most talked about film at the moment was spotted in Rockland County.

Los Angeles Premiere Of MGM's "Saltburn"
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Jacob Elordi Supports Local Sparkill, NY Cafe

Jacob Elordi is having a moment right now in Hollywood. The 26-year-old Australian actor has been everywhere. Many know Elordi as Nate Jacobs from HBO's Euphoria or Noah Flynn in the Netflix series The Kissing Booth.

In the last few years, we've seen Elordi go for more mature and intense roles like playing Elvis in Pricilla and now Felix in Salt Burn. We'll likely be seeing more of the Australian actor in 2024.

Elordi was spotted grabbing a cup of coffee at Nobel Cafe in Sparkill, New York recently. The actor was seen rocking quite the mustache and a possible wedding band. From what we've found in our research the actor isn't married. Take a look:

Nobel Cafe, Facebook
Nobel Cafe, Facebook

Elordi's new look has us thinking he may be working on a movie in Rockland County or maybe he's just escaping New York City before he's set to host SNL on January 20th. We'll keep an eye out for more Jacob Elordi sightings.

If you happen to spot a celebrity in the Hudson Valley (Hollywood on The Hudson) let us know and we'll add it to our celebrity sighting list below:

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