How does that Walker Hayes song go? "Fancy like Applebee's on a Date Night..." Well, you can get fancy with a date night at Hudson Valley Applebee's locations all year long.

You don't need to wait until Valentine's Day to treat your sweetie to a night out on the town. Applebee's is offering customers quite the deal with a new Date Night Pass.

Fancy Like Applebee's Date Night Pass

Ever since Walker Hayes sang those 7 words "Fancy like Applebees on a Date Night..." both the singer and chain restaurant capitalized on it's insane popularity. It's been a few years since the song blew up, but it's still making the rounds.

And we're not sure if that's the exact reason for the new Applebee's promotion, but if the shoe fits...

Applebee's has just announced their new Date Night Pass. On their website they explain:

Forget Valentine’s Day - pencil in Date Night every week of the year! With the exclusive Applebee’s Date Night Pass, you and someone special can enjoy date night at Applebee’s all year long. At just $200, it’s a value of more than $1,500!

There are a limited number of passes available and they will go on sale on January 22nd, 2024. Of course, there are some stipulations for instance "The pass cannot be used more than once in a 24-hour period" according to Applebee's website. Here's the full breakdown:

Passes will discount up to $30 of food and non-alcoholic beverages only per use. The pass cannot be used more than once in a 24-hour period. Passes do not include tax, gratuity, alcohol, retail (including gift cards) or fees. Passes are not a gift card and are not refundable. Pass not valid through third-party delivery providers.

The Applebee's Date Night Pass will be accepted at all Hudson Valley Applebee's locations starting February 1st, 2024 until January 31st, 2025.

How Does The Applebee's Date Night Pass Work?

You can use your Applebee's Date Night Pass not only when you dine in, but when you want to get some takeout too!  When dining in at an Applebee's location just give your server your Date Night Pass when placing your order. If you're ordering online at or through the app you'll enter the "10-character code on the back of your pass in the promo code section on the checkout page."

Not only is Applebee's making Date Night affordable, but they're making it simple too!

You can grab your Applebee's Date Night Pass at 9 am on January 22nd, 2024 at 

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