Warm weather always gets me thinking about dining out along the Hudson River. There are so many great places to hit.

Up and down the river you can find great places for food and a view. The Newburgh Waterfront has Billy Joe's Ribworks and Blu Pointe. In Poughkeepsie, you can hit Shadows on the Hudson which is offering 25 percent off its entree menu until the end of March. Head North and you stumble across a large group of restaurants on the Rondout in Kingston and a little farther North on the west bank of the Hudson River you will discover Frank Guido's Port of Call in Catskill.

Hudson River Restaurants Re-open for the Spring

Most of the places along the river stay open all year however a few have a seasonal closing in the winter to do maintenance and give the staff a much-deserved break. This past winter one restaurant had planned to close for a seasonal break which turned into a longer run due to flooding before Christmas.

Hudson Valley Restaurant
Canva / Frank Guido's Port of Call via Facebook

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Frank Guido's Port Of Call was scheduled to take a short break over the winter but a storm in December resulted in the restaurant flooding so they closed right before the holiday which meant that it missed out on some holiday dollars before taking a break.

Frank Guido's Port of Call via Facebook
Frank Guido's Port of Call via Facebook

If it wasn't enough they got flooded before the holidays, a similar issue a few weeks later. After watching the river rise twice Frank's announced they would be doing repairs and would reopen in the Spring.

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Good news repairs are done and Spring has arrived so Frank Guido's Port of Call in Catskill on the waterfront is re-opening and hoping you will get there soon. The first day of business will be March 28th. Plan to come out for a drink and dinner.

Frank Guido's Port of Call via Facebook
Frank Guido's Port of Call via Facebook

If you are a person familiar with the restaurant business and are looking for a job Frank Guido's Port of Call is hiring too.

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