Why are cars sprouting plants in Connecticut?

Long Car Rides and Eye Spy

I love a good road trip. Over the weekend I went to go visit my college friends in New England. The almost 4-hour ride to Massachusetts was filled with podcasts, sing-a-longs, and traffic.

To be fair, I brought it onto myself. Driving through Connecticut any time on a Friday is a traffic sentence. While sitting in stop-and-go traffic I saw something on a car in front of me that had me doing a double-take

Have You Seen a Car Sprout?

The car directly in front of me had something popping out of the top. At first, I thought a child must have left a toy on top of the car, but then as traffic stopped I got a better look:


It was a sprout!

This gave me something to ponder about the 2 hours I had left during my trip. What does a sprout on top of a car mean? It had to have some kind of significance. Remember over the summer when we learned the steamy reason behind loofas on cars?

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Could it be a new ride-share company? Maybe a more environmentally friendly one? But I debunked that rather quickly when I realized the sprout was on top of a Mercedes Benz.

What's The Deal With Sprouts on Top of Cars?

Once I arrived at my destination I went straight to Google.


What I found is actually a bit underwhelming. I guess nothing can touch the Loofa discovery, but according to the internet, a sprout on top of a car is just a fun decoration. You can buy them on Amazon for an astounding $11.99


A deeper dive on Reddit explains that EDM artist Ganja White Night used to hand them out at shows with a positive message. One Reddit user writes:

I think it originated from ganja white knight and kinda spread as a metaphor for sprouting in the community.

Another added:

From my friend, apparently it started as an E Forest thing as a symbol that you "spread good vibes". I believe it grew from there and now its a fashion thing for bass shows typically. I think you can buy the sprouts online.

Whatever the case may be, the sprout distracted me from the awful traffic I was stuck in on a Friday afternoon in Connecticut. So I guess it does really spread good vibes.

I wonder if they sell them at one of the most Unique Roadside Souvenir shops in New York?

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