It is no secret that we share the Hudson Valley with some amazing wildlife. Who needs Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom when we have Wildlife Cameras set up all over the Hudson Valley?

Most of what you see online are homeowners capturing something on a ring camera or a critter cam they set up at night in their yard. Recently a Neighbor of the Black Rock Forest in Cornwall, New York shared two videos they had taken with a more professional setup.

Are there Bobcats in Cornwall, New York

The answer to the question is yes there are Bobcats in the Hudson Valley. As a matter of fact, the Black Rock Forest in Cornwall has been tracking them for a while now. Earlier this year it shared a video of one Bobcat that they caught, tagged, and then released.

Black Rock Forest - Bob Cat via Facebook
Black Rock Forest - Bob Cat via Facebook

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Watch a Hudson Valley bobcat checking on the deer he killed in the video below shared with the Black Rock Forest by one of their neighbors. They pointed out the grass he was using to hide the deer from other predators.

Unfortunately for the bobcat who obviously did all the work a pair of bears came along and like the true opportunist, they are they took advantage of the easy prey. In the video below that was shared by the same neighbor, you see the bear easily cart of the dead dear.

Bear Cart-Away Dead Deer at Black Rock Forest in Cornwall, New York

Black Rock Forest is Closed for Hunting Season

Bobcats and bears aren't the only animals that hunt in the Black Rock Forest. As of last week, the Black Rock Forest is now closed to the public for NYS Regular Deer Season. Hunting is open to the Black Rock Fish and Game Club members from now until December 8th. 

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