The Wappingers Central School district sprung into action after learning of a violent threat circulating amongst students and the community at large.

The threat, specifically directed at students arriving at school on Monday, appeared on social media late last week. It's unclear how the school learned of the message but immediately activated its Threat Assessment Response Plan, launching an investigation into the threat.

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Google Maps

In an email to parents, Wappingers Superintendent of Schools Dr. Dwight Bonk explained that the threat involved an individual who claimed they would "bring a gun to school and shoot other students".

The school was identified as Wappingers Junior High School.

Parents who learned about the threat spent much of the weekend discussing whether or not they would be sending their children to school on Monday.

Wappingers Junior High
Google Maps

Security Increased at Wappingers Junior High School

According to Bonk, the individual who made the threat was quickly identified and located. As an added precaution, the school district requested an additional law enforcement presence at the school on Monday.

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Dutchess County Sheriff Kirk Imperati confirmed that more officers will be made available to the school in response to the incident.


The school superintendent says that the district will pursue all threats of potential violence "to the fullest extent of the law", explaining that student safety is the "top priority."

What Did the Threatening Message Say?

A screenshot of a Snapchat message that appears to be the one involved in this incident shows a conversation about violence against the school. Bonk says he continues to advise parents to speak to their children about the seriousness of making threats against the school, staff or students.

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