The event will give area UFO enthusiasts the opportunity to hear and share stories.

For over a century, the Hudson Valley has been a hotbed for UFO activity with residents reporting sightings along with strange paranormal experiences and even encounters with extraterrestrials. Are UFOs real?

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A free UFO Open Forum event is being promoted on Facebook that will feature speaker Thomm Quackenbush, a writer, educator, and Hudson Valley native who's written a number of books, including the Night's Dream series, which blends contemporary fantasy, modern myth, and his paranormal and occult research. He has also written a novel about the Pine Bush UFO phenomena, Artificial Gods, and a collection of travel essays about ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoots, and a murder house.

UFO Open Forum Red Hook, NY Details

The UFO Open Forum takes place this Saturday, March 30 at 2 pm at Jordan Homestead Barn Taproom (located at Greig Farm in Red Hook, NY).

There will be food available by Luna's Cocina along with beer, wine, & cocktails. If you have always wanted to get together with like-minded individuals to hear stories about the UFO phenomenon, or maybe you have had experiences with UFOs that you would like to share, this is a great opportunity.

Get more info at the Facebook event page here.

Jordan Homestead Farm Taproom had its grand opening back in December 2023. The brewery is family and dog-friendly, and they serve up beer cocktails, wine and cider at 229 Pitcher Ln in Red Hook, NY.

Check out their Facebook page here.

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