The popular convenience store chain is delivering the sweet and heat with new sandwich.

One thing I can say about living in in the Hudson Valley area that is great, is having Stewart's Shops all around. For me personally, Stewart's Shops is a daily visit, while commuting to work in Poughkeepsie. It's always been a favorite convenience store and I usually always will stop in whether it be for a drink or a quick bite to eat.

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Stewart's Shops headquarters is located in Ballston Spa, NY, and serves Eastern Upstate NY and southwestern Vermont. The chain has 350-plus locations with many around the Hudson Valley. Known for branded ice cream, potato chips, hard rolls, root beer, milk, coffee, and other drinks, three-fourths of their stores also sell gasoline. What's great about Stewart's Shops is that they are always introducing new food items, and changing things up. And their newest creation looks amazing!

Stewart's Introduces Spicy Chicken Wafflewich

A chicken and waffle sandwich is the the latest creation from Stewart's Shops, and by the time you read this article, I'm sure I'll already have tried this beautiful sandwich. LOL The Spicy Chicken Wafflewich as its called is described as "Delicious spicy chicken meets sweet, maple-infused waffles creating the perfect blend of sweet and heat!" The new sandwich is now available at all Steart's Shops locations.

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Well on that note, I think I'll take I'll drive into work now and swing by the Stewart's Shop at 85 Creek Rd in Poughkeepsie to give this new sandwich a shot. A posting on the Stewart's Shops Facebook has nearly 500 reactions and 150 comments regarding the new sandwich, with many people giving the seal of approval, with people excited to try it while some commenting that they've already had it and will be going back for more! Will you be trying the new Spicy Chicken Wafflwich?

Stewart's Shops Facebook
Stewart's Shops Facebook

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