Road work in the Town of Fishkill will bring spectacular views of the river, but will also cause traffic delays for most of 2024.

Residents of the Hudson Valley are extremely fortunate to be surrounded by so many incredible panoramas. A simple hike or a leisurely car ride can surprise you with unexpected views of nature in all its splendor.

One busy roadway in the Fishkill area is getting a major upgrade that will allow drivers, hikers and bikers to enjoy the scenery of the Hudson River while getting to their destination. But while work is underway, commuters should anticipate traffic headaches.

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Scenic Byway in Fishkill, New York to Undergo Major Transformation

According to Scenic Hudson, work will soon begin on the first phase of the Hudson Highlands Fjord Trail. Construction will continue through 2030 and result in a walkable, bikeable trail stretching from Beacon to Cold Spring. The 7.5-mile trail will create access to the riverfront and hiking trails while also creating desperately needed parking areas.

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The new Hudson Highlands Fjord Trail is designed to keep pedestrians off of 9D and neighborhood streets thanks to six access points. Instead of cars haphazardly parked along 9D, there will be new parking lots to handle the swarms of tourists that flock to the Breakneck Ridge Trail and surrounding areas.

Sidewalks will be installed from the Breakneck Ridge train stop to the trail. Bathrooms, road signs and garbage cans will also be installed for the comfort of hikers and to preserve the natural surroundings.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Central Hudson Begins Work on 9D in Fishkill

The first phase of the Hudson Highlands Fjord Trail is expected to begin this month in preparation for utility poles that currently run along the west side of Route 9D to be relocated. Central Hudson will move the poles currently blocking views of the Hudson River so the trail can be made alongside Route 9D.

Work will begin on the east side of 9D to remove trees and regrade sections of the shoulder in preparation for new utility poles that will replace the ones on the west side of the highway.

Route 9D will remain open, but commuters should expect traffic delays and short-term closures. Utility work is expected to last through June just in time for the York State Department of Transportation’s work on the Breakneck tunnel. Tunnel work will last throughout the summer before construction of the Breakneck Connector & Bridge begins in November.

It appears that most of the traffic impact from this project will happen in 2024. Scenic New York says that the entire Hudson Highlands Fjord Trail project is expected to be completed in 2030.

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