Will we ever get one of these great convenience stores this side of the river?

We have plenty of Stewart's Shops all over the Hudson Valley, which I love. But the othe great convenice store that we don't seem to have enough of is QuickCheck. Living in Dutchess County, we have to travel a bit to find a QuickChek.

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QuickChek is a chain of convenience stores based in Whitehouse Station, NJ with 153 stores in New Jersey and New York. The first store opened in Dunellen, New Jersey in 1967, and has since then grown into a chain. Initially, QuickChek stores were mini-supermarkets with mostly grocery items, snack foods, delis, candy, milk, bread, soda, medicated products, some prepackaged meats, and a small produce area. During the 1990s the stores began to offer fuel as well and gradually changed focus on snack foods, drinks, ready to eat foods, and gas stations.

Why No QuickChek in Dutchess County?

There are many QuickChek locations throughout Orange and Ulster Counties in the Hudson Valley area. In Orange County, there's the one on 9W in Newburgh that I fequent the most, there's also one in New Windsor that I remember doing a grand opening event with along with  the radio station many years ago. There's several in Middletown, along with stores in Goshen, Monroe and Florida, NY. Last year, QuickChek opened their first Rockland County store in Nanuet.

In Ulster County there are several stores in Kingston ( a matter of fact there are two QuickChek's right next to each other in Kingston which I don't understand, but I guess that will be a story for another time), Lake Katrine and Saugerties also have QuickChek stores. But why after all these years is there no QuickCheck in Dutchess County or this side of the river in general?

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Its a puzzling queston that we don't have an answer to, but hoping one day I won't have to travel to far to visit a QuickChek. I mean. its gotta be only a matter of time before Dutchess County get one right? Let alone Putnam, Columbia and Greene Counties. I love the convenience and selection at QuckChek, and afterall, where else can we get one of the greatest sandwiches ever made? The Champ.

attachment-The Champ

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