Sound the Lunk Alarm, the cost of membership is going up! For the first time in over 25 years, Planet Fitness has announced they are raising fees for its members. According to CBS News reports that the changes will go into effect this summer.

Planet Fitness is one of the largest fitness club franchises in the world, who focuses more towards "occasional or first-time health club members", rather than the more experienced or hardcore gym goers.

One ongoing joke for years is that most members from the so-called Judgement Free Zone don't ever show up at all. However, there are many who do regularly visit their over two thousand locations in the U.S.

Planet Fitness Locations in New York and the Hudson Valley 

Planet Fitness has Hudson Valley locations in Poughkeepsie, Kingston, Lagrangeville, Wappingers Falls. Hudson, Newburgh, New Windsor, Monroe, Brewster, Middletown, Mahopac, and Spring Valley.

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According to Hasdata, there are 127 Planet Fitness locations in the state of New York.

Planet Fitness to Raise Fees For the First Time Since 1998

CBS says that the franchise will raise costs for their no-frills membership to $15 per month, which is up from the $10 dollars. Planet Fitness announced that current members, who joined at the old price, will stay at the same amount until the membership expires.

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CBS says that the change is only for the lowest tier or "classic" membership that lets members use a single gym location.

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