A Hudson Valley man is suing a McDonald's restaurant after an order he say nearly killed him. The 28-year-old says he specifically asked the McDonald's hold a particular ingredient due to a food allergy.

The move comes after the fast food giant had promised huge upgrades to their hamburgers, featuring "softer buns", and "perfectly melted cheese," as well as onions being added to the grill as the burgers cook.

The changes are being implemented at all locations in New York State and beyond in 2024, as McDonald's attempts to hold off competitors like Shake Shack, Five Guys, and In-N-Out, who have taken away customers through the years.

Rockland County Man Sues McDonald's Claims Severe Allergic Reaction 

The New York Post says that a 28-year-old Rockland County, New York man is suing a McDonald's located on 8th Avenue for an unspecified amount. The suit was filed Friday in New York State Supreme Court, claiming the franchise ignored the plaintiff's "severe milk allergy".

The lawsuit claims that the man ordered a Big Mac is 2021 through DoorDash, that read “NO American cheese”. However, the suit says as soon as the man took a bite, he "immediately knew something wasn't right".

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The plaintiff was allegedly suffering from an anaphylaxis reaction. according to The Post. The suit says that the man's body became "covered in hives", and was "laboring to breathe".

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The Post says the man's girlfriend rushed him to the hospital where he was admitted for anaphylaxis.

Anaphylaxis Reactions 

The Mayo Clinic defines anaphylaxis as a "severe, life-threatening allergic reaction", that can occur within minutes, or even seconds after exposure. Some triggers include food allergies like peanuts, milk, fish, and shellfish. Other causes can come from bee stings, or some medication.

Another big issue is cross contamination, where allergens are transferred into food from uncleaned surface areas, objects and utensils, or by person, according to 360 Training.

One of the plaintiff's lawyers even told The Post, that his client has "placed his no-cheese order" from the same McDonald's many times before without any issue.

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