New Yorkers have a bit of a reputation when it comes to talking loudly. But just how loud are the people living in New York, especially when compared to other parts of the country?

Everyone's got their bad habits when it comes to communicating; such as putting your phone on speaker in public, talking throughout a movie at the theater, or just plain shouting at the top of lungs when it's not necessary.


The study surveyed people across the country to "find which cities and states have the loudest talkers". Preply also asked which "loud activities they are guilty of doing in public, which activities they find annoying, where people are the loudest, and more."


Just How Loud is New York? 

According to a new study by Preply, New York City was ranked the sixth loudest talking city in the U.S. But while that may not come as a surprise, how loud is the rest of the state?

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Preply ranked the loudest states by a number of factors, and Louisiana was 1st with a loudest score of 94.7. New Jersey was 3rd at 90.6. Was where was New York? According to the study, we were tied at 15th with Oklahoma with a score of 84.6.

So, when you average out the entire state outside of just New York City, we're pretty loud, though not nearly as loud as other places.

Massachusetts was 8th overall, Pennsylvania 14th, and Connecticut 27th.

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Several Areas Across New York State Rank Among the Country's Healthiest

WalletHub conducted a study of the country's healthiest cities and towns using data from four key dimensions: 1) health care, 2) food, 3) fitness and 4) green space. According to the new study, several areas in New York state did pretty well.

According to the numbers, New York City ranked 16th overall. New York City did considerably well when it came to food ranking (3rd in the nation), which means there's a plentiful amount of dieticians and nutritionists, to healthy restaurants, to available farmers markets.

Rochester was 47th, and Yonkers was 52nd, and Buffalo was 60th. San Francisco was 1st overall and Brownsville, Texas was dead last.

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