Automated speed cameras will be watching New York drivers on I-84, I-684, I-95, I-495, Route 17, the Long Island Expressway, and several other roads across the state.

Last week we uncovered plans to place cameras equipped with speed radar on state routes and interstates in several counties. Now, a new crop of 24 cameras will be set up to catch unsuspecting speeders.

Why is New York Using Automated Speed Cameras Again?

In 2021 a law was quietly passed in New York that allows the Department of Transportation to utilize automated speeding enforcement technology. The system detects cars traveling faster than the posted speed limit. Cameras snap several photos of the vehicle and its license plate that are automatically sent to a state worker who reviews the images and sends out a ticket to the car's owner.


Fines for Automated Speeding Tickets Can Add Up

First-time offenders will receive a $50 fine in the mail. If caught speeding again, the fine is raised to $75. Once a vehicle is caught exceeding the speed limit three times within 18 months, the owner of the vehicle will continue to receive $100 for each infraction.

While the cost of speeding increases, tickets issued by the automatic speed cameras will not result in points on your license. New York State Law also forbids camera tickets to be reported to insurance companies.

More Automated Speeding Cameras to be Set Up This Week

According to the New York State Department of Transportation, more speed cameras will be put to use on roads this week. The cameras are scheduled to record vehicles at work zones through Saturday, March 23.

New York Hudson Valley Long Island

Cameras will return to I-84 in Dutchess County on the westbound side between exits 44 and 46. Enforcement on I-684 in Westchester also continues on the northbound side between exits 1 and 3.

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Over 20 other cameras will be placed on roads throughout the state including I-95 in the Bronx, the Long Island Expressway and Robert Moses Causeway on Long Island, and Route 17 in Chautauqua County.

Below is a full list of this week's speed cameras:

Suffolk, Dutchess, Westchester Speed Cameras

10 Most Popular Makes and Models Getting Speeding Tickets

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