Lawmakers in New York have introduced a bill that would give inmates just released a head start once trying to return to society. Politicians claim the bill isn't just about financial  assistance, but about "dignity, stability, and reducing the likelihood of re-offense."

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However, not every politician in New York is backing with the new proposal that's floating around Albany.

Lawmakers Push For Funds To Help Ex-Cons In New York State Get Back On Their Feet 

The New York Post reports that two state lawmakers have introduced a bill to legislature that would offer “gate money” to to ex-convicts.

Currently, inmates being released receive $40 for things such as "housing, transportation and other expenses". The new proposal would give inmates being released from correctional facilities $2,550 over a six month period, with payouts in monthly installments.

The bill is being co-sponsored by State Senator Kevin Parker from Brooklyn, and New York State Assemblyman Eddie Gibbs, with backing from the Center for Employment Opportunities. Gibbs said:

Every year, thousands of individuals return to our communities, often with little more than the clothes on their backs.

The bill seeks $25 million dollars to be set aside from the general fund, reports the Post.

Some, such as State Senator George Borrello from Dunkirk are against the proposal.

Unrestricted cash rewards to those who have committed crimes in New York is another example of the criminal coddling that NY’s ruling Democrats continue to engage in.

Those backing the bill hope the extra help will mean less ex-inmates end up back behind bars in the long run.

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