The world's best pizza will soon have a new home in the Hudson Valley.

Pizza is one of those foods that everyone has an opinion on. Depending on where you grew up, the perfect pizza either has a thin crust, a thick crust, a crispy crust or a fluffy crust. There are even more variations of sauce and cheese that make constructing the quintessential pizza almost impossible.

Self-proclaimed "pizza experts" like Dave Portnoy from Barstool Sports will judge a slice on their own personal preferences like the amount of "flop" or the sauce's "tang". But when it comes to truly crowning the best pizza in the world, it takes a bit more expertise and culinary knowledge.

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Kingston, New York Business to Serve Best Pizza in the World

The International Pizza Expo welcomed pizza makers from all over the world to compete in Las Vegas, Nevada last month. For almost 20 years, the pizza-making competition has invited the most talented chefs to battle it out for the honor of being named best in the world.

Pizza makers bring their own ingredients to the competition and are judged on crust, sauce, cheese, toppings, overall taste and creativity. This year, Hudson & Packard from Poughkeepsie, New York, was named the best Detroit-style pizza in the world.

Hudson & Packard to Open New Location in Kingston, New York

Next month the doors are expected to open at a new business venture of Hudson & Packard owner Charlie Webb. Sorry Charlie is described as a "neighborhood bar" located at the former Corner Bar and Grill on Delaware Avenue in Kingston.

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Of course, pizza is going to be on the menu at Sorry Charlie. However, it might not be what you'd expect from Hudson & Packard. While their original location on Academy Street sells the "world's best" Detroit-style pizza, Sorry Charlie is expected to serve smaller, round pies.

But have no fear, aside from taking the title for his Detroit pizza, Webb also placed second in the world in the pan division of the international competition. So, you can be sure whatever pie is served at Sorry Charlie is going to be world-class.

No official opening date has been announced, but the bar has posted images and video of progress being made at the old Corner Bar and Grill. Last month, a team of workers were seen installing a large pizza oven.

Kingston NY

While this is great news for Kingston, loyal Hudson & Packard customers who prefer their square pies shouldn't fear. Detroit-style pies will still be made to order at Webb's original location on Academy Street in Poughkeepsie.

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