There are few better rituals than going out to grab a drink and the Hudson Valley has no shortage of places to do so. There are a couple of areas that often get overlooked as drinking hubs, so let's dig into it.

Best Bar Crawl Towns in the Hudson Valley

There are some obvious bar-crawl town choices around the area. You'd be hard-pressed to find a main street packed with more great bars and restaurants than Beacon. If you're looking for variety, that's probably your best bet.

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Just across the river, Newburgh is quickly becoming a social hub along its waterfront with staples like Billy Joe's and Newburgh Brewing Company. Kingston is another area that has quite a few drinking spots to jump around to.

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You've also got the classics like New Paltz and Poughkeepsie. While New Paltz is chock-full of spots for college student crowds, there are still plenty of beautiful spots for a nice drink outside of Jager bombs and vodka sodas.

While Poughkeepsie does have a couple of colleges in the area, the bar scene is, dare I say, a bit underrated. During my time living in Poughkeepsie, I often found myself traveling to other people's towns for drinks with very few volunteering to come my way.

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Poughkeepsie's Best Drinking Spots

Whether you're looking for a place for some casual beers with friends, an intimate spot for a date night, or some consolation drinks after a long, difficult work week, Poughkeepsie does offer places for all of these vibes. Poughkeepsie also plays host to tons of comedy shows, concerts, and events, which always pair well with a pre-drink.

Where to Get the Drink You Want in Poughkeepsie

Whether you're looking for some casual beers with friends or an intimate date night spot, here are some top-tier options on where to grab a drink in Poughkeepsie.

Gallery Credit: Arianne Rogers

Scenic Dining Spots in the Hudson Valley

There are so many great views in the Hudson Valley as well as great restaurants! It's hard to see everything the Hudson Valley has to offer. Here is a list of 6 great dining spots around the Hudson Valley that also have gorgeous views.

Gallery Credit: Arianne Rogers