Should we be mindful of this when we are buying makeup in the Hudson Valley?

Trends come and go, but essentials are supposed to stay around forever, right? I was recently on TikTok and noticed something very, very disturbing and kinda wanna throw down with someone over it..

A video went viral talking about how Generation Z thinks wearing eyeshadow is "old ladyish". Come on....

I get how certain trends might not be the most flattering on everyone, but eye shadow is something that really completes a look and it generally makes everyone look better.

More TikTok information about eyeshadow:

One lady went into detail and explained how her daughter also made this statement....

She went on to say how the popular look of dark eyeliner and light eyeshadow is not flattering and that can make people look "old". I just did that with my makeup over the weekend so I feel personally attacked right now....

She went on to say that a fresher and lighter look is in, it requires less effort and less products to achieve a good look.

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Some of the comments on the video were pretty funny:
  • "I'm not concerned out how a 12 - 30 year old girl/women view me or my makeup, my side part or my skinny jeans"- engineer8012
  • "I have yet to look at someone and think their eyeshadow is outdated."- Alex
  • "The more we start not giving F’s about how people think we should look, the happier we’ll all be with each other."-Katie

There were some people that thought the "less eyeshadow look" did look better.

  • "That does look so much better - very lifted and timeless. I love it."-Trillium
  • "So much better. Thank you for explaining to this 50 year old."-Christy
  • "Please show us how to do this! I’m a boomer, 😱 I’m sure you can see why now."-Zelda's Cat

You can pry the dark eyeliner out of my hands, I'm going down swinging. What are your thoughts about eyeshadow? Do you agree or think this whole thing is just ridiculous? Share your thoughts with us on the station app

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