Today may be the last moment of peace and quiet you'll have for a while... because this weekend will be full of booming gunshots echoing across the Hudson Valley.

For long-time residents, this should come as no surprise, but with the constant influx of tourists and new homeowners, this should count as your warning: it's about to get a little noisy.

The Hudson Valley is preparing to hear a lot more gunshots this weekend thanks to the beginning of hunting season

More Gunshots Coming to the Hudson Valley, NY

Of course this all depends on where you live (and who lives nearby), but across nearly every county north of New York City, guns will be loaded (and fired) in abundance this weekend, and the noise won't stop until Sunday, December 10th. For many, it's a special holiday.

Firearm season begins on November 18th in New York. Both hunters and hikers are urged to take safety precautions
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Firearm Season for Hunters in New York State

The holiday, of course, is firearm season for New York hunters. While trapping season for animals like beaver and coyote started as early as October 25, and bowhunting season for deer and black bear has been open since October 1st, Saturday, November 18th marks the arrival of firearms to local Hudson Valley, NY woods. Hunters have a very urgent message for the public.

Hunters in the Hudson Valley, NY have a special message for local residents

A Message from New York Hunters

"Hi everyone just a notice from a neighbor, the firearm season in the Hudson valley starts Saturday. We all can share the woods, please wear bright clothing. Please do not harass hunters it's unlawful. See you in the forests" shared one outdoor enthusiast in a local Hudson Valley Facebook group. "Can’t wait for all the 'I hear gunshots', or 'what are those loud noises?' posts every day", joked another. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) shared an announcement with the public as well.

New York DEC Shares Safety Precautions During Firearm Season

The NYS DEC had the same message for hunters as they did hikers: expect to see one another in the woods, and plan accordingly. In addition to always sharing your hiking or hunting details with friends or family, proper colors (like bright orange or pink) should be warn by everybody, and both hunters and hikers should respect the other's right to enjoy everything New York nature has to offer.

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So remember, the rifle shots you'll begin to notice in the Hudson Valley are just the sounds of New Yorkers taking full advantage of their rights as hunters, and following safety guidelines whether you're holding a rifle or a walking stick will help everyone have a wonderful and safe season. Check out where in the country New York ranks for hunters below.

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