On April 21, 2024, 35 of the Hudson Valley's greatest singers and musicians of all genres will gather to perform "Won't Be Broken" to raise awareness for beneficiaries of The Lifted Projects.

The Lifted Project

Join Hudson Valley’s best and brightest musicians at Paula’s Runway Café in Wappingers Falls to implement The Lifted Project, a short film and performance intended to raise awareness and support of several local nonprofits including Hudson River Housing, Berkshire Farm Center & Services For Youth, Hudson Valley Animal Rescue & Sanctuary and Kidney4Clarke.

Locally, Hudson River Housing provides housing services for those in need and veteran services.  Statewide, Berkshire provides children's service focusing on foster care.  Hudson Valley Animal Rescue is a unique shelter and provides veterinary services.  Kidney4Clark seeks a kidney donor for a Hudson Valley Detective.

Hudson Valley Musicians Join Forces to Support Community Nonprofits


This one-of-a-kind event is an opportunity to connect directly with the leaders of these organizations and see the first-ever live performance of “Won’t Be Broken”, an original song written by John Burton and Olivia Bulger, inspired by the 1985 classic, “We Are the World." Musicians include:

  • Jennie Angel
  • Cherilyn Ann
  • Natasha Barnes
  • Gramercy Burton
  • John Burton
  • Bianca Carano
  • Shannon Cooke
  • Eric Dalton
  • Rich Dashnaw
  • Becki Davis
  • Ariana Dingman
  • Jason Gisser
  • Jill Haack
  • Tom Heany
  • Christa Hines
  • Iko
  • Liv
  • Carolyn Marosy
  • Shaun McKenna
  • Macy McKnight
  • Brenda More
  • Jessie Montague
  • Jennifer Nevel
  • Thom O'Brien
  • Krisha Patenaude
  • Tina Pierce
  • Beth Prellberg
  • Mike Robinson
  • Lucas Rotman
  • Angelo Santilli
  • Angela Uzzo
  • Heather Vacarr
  • Lynn Versaci
  • Robert Viola
  • Marek Vitek
  • Jim Wegrzyn
  • Paula Young
  • Carrie Zazz
  • Marji Zintz

Things kick off Sunday, April 21st at 1pm at Paula’s Runway Café at Hudson Valley Regional Airport (263 New Hackensack Road, ​​Wappingers Falls, New York, 12590). The Lifted Project offers special thanks to Paula's Runway Cafe for hosting, Eric Dolton Productions for producing, Adrian Bowles for videography, Ashley Torres for photography, and Locks That Rock for production.

Home From Here with John Burton

John Burton, the creator of The Lifted Project, is also the creator and host of Home From Here. John's personal and dramatic journey through a mental health crisis of his own serves as the backdrop for his conversations with politicians, musicians, therapists, and his own family.

Home From Here focuses on mental health, music, the creative process, and anything uplifting and funny.  With his warm and inviting presence, Burton fosters an environment of openness and vulnerability, inviting guests from all walks of life to share their stories and expertise on his show. His innate ability to infuse humor and light-heartedness into his discussions creates a safe and uplifting space where listeners can find solace, inspiration, and a renewed sense of hope.

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