If you pay any amount of attention to the socials, living off-grid is all the rage. More and more content creators are sharing photos and video of their off-grid journeys as first-generation farmers, foragers, survival strategists, and etc.


One may suppose the "off-grid" movement is related to the "tiny home" movement that started well before the pandemic had folks questioning just about everything. According to Forbes (circa 2020), “I think what we’re seeing is a massive self-reliance movement,” says Josh Enyart, a veteran survival specialist and consultant. “The denser a population, the more people there are to potentially participate in social unrest. People instinctively know that the safest bet is to get away from those highly populated viral hot zones, which is why you’re seeing so many folks escape to small towns and rural America.”


And with "self-reliance" --e.g., moving to a forest and living in a converted shed--comes off-grid living. And we're not just talking a camp here. We're talking, full time and for the long haul. Regardless of the logistics, if one considers that a forest doesn't have traditional plumbing for toilets or showers. Or, potentially, municipal electricity. Does one even have a mailing address if one lives in a remote "woods" location? And if yes, where does the mail or Amazon carrier leave deliveries? Can one still order from UberEats?

The question then becomes, if there's no mailbox or plumbing or connection to public utilities in any way (or UberEats)--does one have to pay property taxes? Particularly if the land is purchased outright?


According to this extraordinarily detailed guide by  PrimalSurvivor.net, the short answer for New Yorkers daydreaming about a much simpler life where technology truly only serves to connect with social media followers looking to be inspired by content about living more simply--yes.

If You're Interested in the Pros and Cons of Moving Off Grid, Read This.

Getaway Cabin With Land For Sale In Western New York

Sometimes you just want to get away and one of the best parts of living in Western New York is that there are plenty of places to get away to.

Hudson Valley New York Camping Resorts

The Hudson Valley is a camping destination for so many people including those of us who live locally. It is a great way to have a summer vacation every weekend close to home. Many places offer a seasonal rate for you to save money on your stay. You pull the trailer in for the summer and park it for the season which is usually May to October. The resorts we found offer family fun amenities and a season full of exciting activities.

Stay in The Peaceful & Historic Mark Twain Cabin on NY's Saranac Lake

Want to be whisked away into the serene times of the 1900s with modern amenities? Stay where Mark Twain stayed in 1901. Sam Clements aka Mark Twain stayed in this cabin from June until October 1901 and wrote many stories including "A Double Barreled Detective Story". It's dubbed as a once-in-a-lifetime stay on the shores of Saranac Lake in the shadow of Mark Twain according to MarkTwainCamp.weebly.com. There is a private swimming area, dock, and canoes. You can explore, swim, go fishing, boat, have a picnic, or just relax. It seems remote but it's only two miles from the Village of Saranac Lake.

You can rent this peaceful retreat and historic Mark Twain Camp on Saranac Lake through Airbnb by clicking HERE.

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