A man on Reddit is furious his soon-to-be-married friend didn't invite his girlfriend to the ceremony. Now, he's considering not going to the wedding at all — but there's a good reason the bride doesn't want his girlfriend there.

"I have been with my girlfriend Kelly for almost [five] years. A year and a half ago, my friend Maverick got engaged to his fiancée Brittany. I have been friends with Maverick for over 10 years. Maverick and I went to high school together and our families and us were very close. Maverick is in the military now and we don’t talk as much, but I still consider him a good friend," he wrote on Reddit.

The man explained Maverick's future bride doesn't get along with Kelly, who used to be friends with Maverick's ex-girlfriend and seemingly tried to interfere with their relationship.

"Very shortly (a few days) after Maverick broke up with [his ex] Ashley, he started hooking up and then started dating Ashley’s roommate at the time. Kelly found out and called Ashley, and Ashley was crushed. A month after they started dating, Maverick had us meet Brittany. Kelly was upset that this was Ashley’s roommate and she FaceTimed Ashley when she was around Brittany to make her feel bad. After this, Kelly was very upset with Maverick and sent him a series of messages saying she lost respect for him and some mean things about Brittany," he continued.

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"Maverick and Brittany announced that they are getting married about [six] months ago. I found out that their wedding is the same day as Kelly’s birthday. Kelly has been nervous for months that she wouldn’t be invited, but I assured her that Maverick wouldn’t do that," the man shared, adding that Kelly had only seen Maverick once in the years since she antagonized his bride-to-be, though they were civil.

When the man received his wedding invite, however, he discovered his girlfriend wasn't welcome at the upcoming event.

"I used their wedding website to RSVP about a week ago, and I was able to enter Kelly’s name as well. Yesterday, Maverick texted me and said that he does not want Kelly at their wedding. He said that based on what happened with the girls that he and Brittany are not comfortable with Kelly being there," he revealed.

Now, his girlfriend is "crushed" and he's refusing to go to his friend's wedding because she's not invited.

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Users in the commented blasted the man for not understanding why the bride wouldn't want his girlfriend there.

"Your girlfriend bullied and antagonized Brittany and you expect them to want her at their wedding? Also, it's pretty funny you say your friend's girlfriend is controlling and then say you got into a fight with your own girlfriend because you went to a wedding without her, and she also managed to ruin one of your friendships because of her own petty attitude," one person wrote.

"Yes, actions do, in fact, have consequences. Kelly involved herself in the drama and now she isn't invited to the wedding. She'd have to be delusional to think she was going to get an invite to this thing," another chimed in.

"Telling Ashley is one thing; bullying this girl like she's a high school bully and then cry[ing] because she didn't get invited to their wedding is completely crazy," someone else commented.

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