This month it was announced that the Kmart in New Jersey was set to close at the end of September and that would leave only two Kmarts remaining in the United States.

The good news is that if you are looking for that "Blue Light" special you won't have to leave New York.

Yes, New York State is home to one of the last two Kmarts that are still open and operating.

New York's only Kmart is located in Bridgehampton, New York.

The other location that will remain open at the end of September is located in Miami, Florida.

Kmart first opened in 1962 in Garden City, Michigan before spreading across the county. The retail chain was at its peak in 1994 when they operated 2,486 stores across the world. The company filed for Chapter 11 on January 22, 2002, and started closing stores across the country.

Kmart was bought by Transform Holdco LLC in 2019 and shut down all but three locations in April of 2022.

I remember shopping at the Kmart on French Road in West Seneca when I was a kid. We used to do all our back-to-school shopping there and I remember my mom was always looking for those blue light specials.

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There is no word if and or when the other two Kmart locations will close. But for now if you are looking to do some nostalgic shopping, you will have to head down to Long Island or Miami.

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