To say that the game the Buffalo Bills played against the New York Jets on Monday, September 11, 2023, on Monday Night Football was a tough game is an understatement.

The Bills had the game under control during the first half and it all seemed like things were going to end with a Buffalo victory and me not being able to wear my new sweatshirt to work on Tuesday. However, that's not what happened.

As we all know, the Bills lost to the Jets with a score of 16 - 22 after Xavier Gipson took a punt 65 yards return in overtime to end the game with a touchdown. To say the game ended in a shocking way would be an understatement.

Josh Allen Did Not Play A Good Game

A vast majority of the points the Jets were able to score was a direct result of the 4 turnovers that Josh Allen was responsible for causing. 3 were interceptions that were all snagged by Jordan Whitehead and a fourth-quarter fumble ensured that the Jets were able to hang around much longer than they needed to.

This seems to be the worst game that Allen has played since being drafted by the Bills and his performance was a contributing factor in the loss.

The Rest Of The Team Didn't Help That Much

Of course, it wasn't the only reason the Bills lost. The Offense Line did not do a good job of protecting Allen as he was sacked 5 times by the Jets. The Bills defense also had a very difficult time containing Breece Hall as he ripped to very big runs giving the Jets extra momentum. And of course, the last play of the game was ultimately a total breakdown of the special teams.

However, the most glaring thing that we've observed from this game is that the Bills have not done very well in overtime games during the Josh Allen era.

Josh Allen Has Never Won An Overtime Game In The NFL

Since Josh Allen entered the NFL, it seems he's never won an overtime game for the Bills. The game against the Jets was his 5th game and this loss makes his overtime record 0-5.

It seems that the Bills need to go back to the drawing board to figure out what needs to happen and fix it fast.

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