It is one of the first long Holiday weekends each year and it comes at the perfect time. Many of us are ready to get back out and do things again. We are ready to celebrate with family and friends. Last year so many of us had to sit this holiday weekend out.

Memorial Day weekend is the perfect reason to kick off the dust and get back out there. Whether you decide to keep it simple and stay home or you plan a trip out of town we want to make sure you have what you need to throw together a fun and meaningful weekend,

Hopefully this weekend will be the beginning of an awesome summer. For all of us who have been waiting to get out and enjoy summer event again this weekend is a good start,  As you travel around you will find that there are things happen again all over the Hudson Valley.  You definitely want be ready because there are going to be a lot if people in your same shoes. Let's make sure we pack our manners and our patience.

And speaking of packing things, a few items came to mind when I was planning my weekend that I thought I would share them with you. See if any of the things I put on my list below should be your weekend list too..

Your weekend will go well if you thought ahead and have gotten or planned to do the items below.

9 "M" Things You Need For Memorial Day Weekend

Holiday weekends are design for us to have time off and relax. This weekend is no different, however it is Memorial Day so I thought we should have a list of items that begin with "M" that we will need for a holiday weekend in the Hudson Valley.

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