Have you even been obsessed with eating something that just is so delightful, that you start to crave it? There are events you look forward to because you know that this dessert will be there?

Do you get hooked on something from the grocery store, only to have it disappear, not just from the store you normally shop at, but mysteriously all of the grocery stores within a 20 mile radius?

Okay, deep breath time, switch to decaf.

Here are the two desserts that have mysteriously disappeared within a twenty mile radius of my home, and possibly all New York State. I will even go out on a limb and to hypothesize that with all of the UFO/Paranormal activity in our area, that it would be easier to come across a UFO that it would be these desserts.

The first dessert is the elusive Bienenstich or Bee Sting Cake. If you have ever had it, then you know. It is two layers of cake, that has this creamy, thick honey flavored pudding between the layers, then it has a drizzle of honey syrup over the top of the cake with shaved almonds on it. Hearing the word "honey" you might think that it is terribly sweet, but it is more of a light and delicate sweetness. Yum. Normally, this time of year (September and October) it can be spotted at local Oktoberfest events, but alas, it has gone missing.

The second dessert, is the one from the grocery store. My neighbor is obsessed with it and asked me to look for them when I go shopping. Oui Key Lime Dessert, not to be confused with the yogurt that they produce. This is a two-jar dessert item that is sold near the Jello Pudding and the Kozy Shack Rice Pudding in the refrigerator dessert section. In fact, she told me that if I find it, I can purchase up to 10 of the 2-jar desserts on her behalf and she will reimburse me.

Nutty, right? What dessert do you wish you can track down? Maybe its one from your childhood or from a favorite restaurant that has closed? Share it with us!

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