Can you still hear the jingle in your head? "The Hess Trucks are here!" Every year when my mom would see them advertised during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, there would be a call to make sure I went to the Hess Station and get her two of the new Hess Truck that was being released that year. She was always stressing to me that I had to go get them ASAP because someone once told her that they sell out and she had to get them before they sold out if she wanted to have the latest one.

Fast forward a few years to when the gas stations around here started closing and they trucks became available online. I sent her that information and voila, I never had to run down to the Hess Station again to get one (it was two that she needed) again.

Do you still collect them? How many do you have? Are they up in the attic, in a closet, or do you have them all displayed?

I was always amazed at how many moving parts they had, and the sounds that they made. Then later, as a parent, I appreciated the fact that they came with the batteries that you would eventually need to make all of those lights flash and all of those sounds to come alive.

If you are looking to continue your collection, or to get one for the first time, there is one thing that even the Corona virus cannot stop, The Hess Truck, it is back and better than ever (that was the jingle, right?) According to a press release, its available for purchase and it still comes with the batteries. The 2020 Hess Ambulance and Rescue can be purchase through the Hess Toy Website, for $36.99 plus tax. I can't remember how much the first trucks my mom sent me to purchase were, but watching my nephew play with his was worth every penny.

This years truck, allegedly will not disappoint with the lights and the sounds. Here's what you can expect:

The red and white colored, heavy-duty Ambulance is equipped with 4 realistic emergency siren and flashing light combinations, 70 lights, and a rear door that doubles as a ramp to unload the Rescue truck. A mute mode enables flashing lights without the siren sounds. The Rescue truck features 26 additional lights and is powered by a pull-back motor that races in flat or wheelie positions.

There is also a first-Hess Truck for the younger kids. It is a plush toy, which they say is more for year-round gifts, ie younger kid birthdays or new baby gifts.

How many of the Hess Trucks are in your collection? Will you be getting this years? Feel free to submit a photo to us, via our app, photo submission, of your collection.

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