This is New York. I thought there was always room for pizza even if it's on Thanksgiving. What if it has turkey sausage on it?

Another Thanksgiving is upon us but this isn't just any normal Thanksgiving. This is Thanksgiving 2020. Doesn't it seem like all culinary rules and traditions should just be thrown out the window?

Every year we fuss over traditional Thanksgiving dishes like turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole. Whether you're riding solo for Thanksgiving dinner or meeting up with family for a small get together, why not change things up a little this year? Who ever said we couldn't have pizza for Thanksgiving dinner?

Pizza is one of those miracle foods that is supposed to be good for any occasion. I'm not sure if that can be said for every state in the county but it should be but this is New York. Is there ever an inappropriate time for pizza? I guess not. It's your house your rules, right?

I know it might be difficult but let's forget about the pandemic for one second. What if you were hosting a Thanksgiving dinner party and you invited someone and they showed up with a large pie? Would that be weird? You might judge pizza a little differently.

Pizza should be a judgment free food. I mean they used to serve it at Planet Fitness and that's a judgment free zone.

If you wanted to get real crazy you could always put turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy on pizza. Wouldn't that be nuts and delicious?

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