You happen to find yourself in-between activities in the workplace and you are looking for something to keep yourself occupied in those 'downtime' moments, do you find yourself reaching for a rubber band? Your unknowing co-worker suddenly in the path of a projectile known commonly as a rubber band?

Ok, you are about to start something, but can you legally shoot a rubber band at your co-worker in New York State? Can your co-worker report you to Human Resources? Is there a chance that this 'battle' will end in your dismissal? Keep reading!

Can your co-worker report you to Human Resources in New York State?

Photo by Andres Siimon on Unsplash
Photo by Andres Siimon on Unsplash

Without a doubt, yes, your co-worker can report you to your Human Resources Manager. To be clear, not just for sailing the rubber bands your way, but they can report you to Human Resources for any behaviors that is keeping them from doing their job or for anything you do that your co-worker feels is being done in maltreatment of them. 

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Can you legally shoot rubber bands at your co-workers in New York State?


As to the question of legal or not, I can't find any information. It looks like it comes down to whether or not your co-worker is cool having a rubber band battle in the workplace. Will the higher ups be cool with it? Probably not. Especially not if someone gets hurt and misses work because of this 'workplace battle' injury. So, while it might be legal, most workplaces won't allow it.

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