How do you know if a place is a town or a hamlet? I'm going to say it again so I don't get yelled at...I'm still learning the area and have a lot of questions about it because it's very different from where I grew up. Bare with me when it comes to my questions and prying about what makes up the state. Over the past year,  I kept hearing about a place called Greenburgh, NY and I wanted to learn more about it and what makes it unique.

Where is Greenburgh, NY located?

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

Greenburgh is located in Westchester County and it was developed along the Hudson River. The area is bordered by Yonkers, Mount Pleasant, White Plains and Scarsdale. There's a lot of history that took place here, the Romer-Van Tassel House was the first town hall and it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1994. So that gave it away that it's a town...

Greenburgh is considered to be a town in the state and it is not a hamlet, sometimes there seems to be some confusion with that. The town does have 6 villages that help make up the population, but Greenburgh is its own town. A cool fact about that town is that the late actress/singer Dana Reeve (who was married to late actor Christopher Reeve) grew up in Greenburgh and she's a graduate of Edgemont Junior-Senior High School, how interesting.

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