Is America's favorite condiment really in short supply? We've heard all the stories how COVID-19 lead to a huge shortage nationwide in toilet paper, paper towels, and cleaning supplies, but now ketchup? How could this happen? Pretty simple: more Americans are relying on takeout orders.

As you can imagine, with so many Americans ordering takeout, this has lead to an increased demand for ketchup packets. In fact, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that this has lead to a 13% increase in ketchup pack prices since 2020. Many indoor or sit down dining restaurants are now including the packets with their takeout orders. Of course, in the past, these establishments would simply leave a bottle at the tables for customers to pour out for themselves.

With local restaurants and sit-down chains now competing against the fast food establishments, the coveted packets might be in short supply. Besides, some fast food joints were always known to throw in about 12 packets with your order anyway. This has caused some businesses to limit their packets per order, according to TODAY. If you're one of those who routinely likes to pour a mountain-size glob of red crap all your dinner, then you might be out of luck for a while.

Is ketchup really New York's most popular condiment? According to one 2019 study, the answer is actually no. A product ratings platform called Influenster took the data from over 50,000 reviews and determined that folks in the Empire State love Nutella. Yes, the hazelnut spread topped the list as New York's favorite condiment. According to the data, our neighbors to the east in Connecticut and Massachusetts also picked Nutella as their go-to snack. Agree, or disagree?

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