Thankfully, seasonal depression is something that is recognized and talked about more frequently. With the help of social media, there are plenty of memes about how it gets dark earlier and some folks are not truly happy until Spring.

With years of experience, I have found things that help me get by during the darker months. If you enjoy being outside, near the sun, and especially in nature, then you probably know exactly what I'm talking about.

Have you ever considered adding plants or greenery into your space? Growing up, my grandma was a florist and showed me the beauty that flowers hold. My parents had gardens and I enjoyed being outside and tending to flowers.

During the winter months, I do miss the beauty of nature and flowers. However, I have added plants to my space and it really does make a difference.

There are plenty of benefits of having indoor plants.

Some say that it can not only enhance your décor but make the area seem more cheerful. Indoor plants can serve as a pop in any room.

From personal experience, I know that having green plants within my space helps improve my mood, mental health, and gives me a sense of a cleaner, more purified room.

I also felt less stressed. I believe that it provides a relaxing and calming sensation. Depending on the plant, some claim that having one indoors can increase oxygen levels.

Here are a few garden centers within the Hudson Valley where you can pick up your next plant.

Devitt's Nursery & Supply, New Windsor

Victoria Gardens, Rosendale

Mike's Hothouse, Modena

Do you have any indoor plants whether it's at home, work or in your office? Which is your favorite plant? Share with us below.

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