More than ever, it seems that we are taking better care of ourselves. From self care practices, to seeking assistance for our mental health and being more active outside and or in the gym, we've been doing it.

During the cooler months when we don't get as much Vitamin D as we used, it's important we give the body what it needs. I recognize that in the summer, I feel my very best. There are certain properties about mother nature and being outside that are healing.

For myself, I feel that fresh air and sunshine make me feel great. Being surrounded by flowers and greenery make me happy and taking long walks or hikes outdoors boosts my mood. In Winter, we can participate in activities but it's different from what fuels us.

Even though we may not have these options during the cooler months, we can make the most of it and also give our body what it needs. It's important that we listen in, take time to rest when needed and be gentle with ourselves in the process.

We have learned that certain vitamins may be essential. Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc and probiotics are the top most talked about little helpers that we should have in our cabinet. Also, B-12 and B-6 are also mentioned. There are also certain products that have all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that come in one pill or gummy that makes it easier to achieve. 

When it comes to supplements, I like to go to a local business or knowledgeable vitamin company to get what I need. It's important to have someone who knows more than you and can help assist in what is necessary to add to your daily routine.

Let's take a look at these Hudson Valley products that can boost your immune system.


Elderberry black berries in the woods. Autumn

Over the years, we have heard a lot about elderberries. Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, this can also prevent and ease flu and cold symptoms. Elderberries come in a variety of options such as blue, black and red. Black elderberries are the most popular and are also known as Sambucus Nigra which may seem more familiar on packaging. There are elderberry tablets, drops, gummies, oil, powder and liquid.

Hudson Valley Elderberry Co.

Hudson Valley

Inspired to make her own healing supplement, owner Heather Rodriguez took it upon herself to produce the best quality, all natural immune support. The approach to a holistic wellness stems from trial and error and succeeded within this company.

Visit here to find out about Hudson Valley Elderberry


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Also known as a purple coneflower, echinacea plant comes from North America. This supplement is intended to assist with common cold and infections. It can also help with improving immunity, less inflammation, pain and other health issues. Echinacea plants have compounds that include antioxidants. I have noticed different vitamin packs or supplements that contain echinacea. This supplement is something that I was recommended to use by a Holistic Health Practitioner.

Wellness Through Wisdom, Jessica D'Arcy

2 Lagrange Ave., Suite 203
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

Click here to find out more about holistic health and vitamins.

Visit this local organic health food store to pick up in the Hudson Valley.

Nature's Pantry

Fishkill and New Windsor

This alternative and organic grocery store has something for everyone. With two different locations in the Hudson Valley, folks from all over can benefit. They take pride in being allergy friendly and having products for everyone's lifestyle.

Click here to find out how you can get your dose of Echinacea online.


South Korean Farmers Rely On Ginseng
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Known to help with upper respiratory infections, ginseng may be something we most commonly see in beverages such as candies, flavored water, teas and coffee. When taken beforehand, ginseng can help decrease flu and colds. Ginseng may strengthen the immune system, fight fatigue while increasing antioxidants in the body. This supplement was used for centuries in Chinese medicine.

Wild Hudson Valley

Cairo, NY 12058

Wild Hudson Valley sells the American Ginseng Seed that you can grow and produce yourself. Owners,  Justin Wexler and Anna Plattner used their love and knowledge for holistic health and mother nature to come together and create their business.

Find out how you can get Hudson Valley ginseng here.

What are some all natural supplements that you take to help you during the winter months? Share with us below, be happy, be healthy and be safe!

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