I’m not sure when the first time I ate at the former Bear Cafe in Woodstock was, but I’m pretty sure it was a memorable experience. It was decades ago, and I went back more than a few times for a great meal and a beautiful creek side view. And I was never disappointed. It was also a favorite spot for many a famous face, and there have been many of them throughout the years in Woodstock

A couple of years ago I read that the Cafe and Bearsville Theater had closed, and Woodstock residents were not happy about it. I’m happy to report that this iconic Woodstock spot has reopened, and now you’ll find the Bear Cantina, a very cool Mexican restaurant. Judging by the pictures, it looks delicious. And that view is still stunning. Want to see for yourself? Check out the pics.

The Bear Cantina in Woodstock

Congratulations to the Bear Cantina for reinventing themselves while keeping the integrity and the history of this legendary restaurant. If you come for a visit, give yourself time to explore the town. There's a great candle store that’s been there for as long as I can remember, lots of shopping, food and art, and a vibe that can’t be beat.

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