I love the holly jolly season as much as the next person but the first week of October is just too soon to decorate.

Christmas might be my favorite Holiday. People are a little nicer and loved ones usually travel long distances to see one another. It truly is one of the most magical days of the year. However, I have to give Halloween its due on my list. Halloween in a very close second on my list of favorite holidays which I know is odd because it is almost the complete opposite of Christmas. Instead of love, gifts and kindness Halloween is about mischief, scares and candy.

There's so much to love about the entire spooky season. There's Fall flavors in drinks like coffee and beer. There's a candy bowl in almost every office and there is a scary movie or television show on just about every channel.

We can't forget about the decorations.

This Stranger Things Halloween display has gotten viral attention over the past few weeks.

Halloween decorations are much more fun than Christmas decorations so we shouldn't confuse the two. I was horrified when I was at the store today and it wasn't a Halloween mask I saw.

While shopping at the Big Lots in Wappingers Falls, New York I saw that they were already selling Christmas tree ornaments and other decorations. What is this? It's disrespectful to Halloween. This isn't the Christmas Tree Shops. Is it too soon to be selling these?

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