Film and television production was off to a multi-million dollar start in the Hudson Valley this year before the coronavirus derailed a number of projects.

According to the Hudson Valley Film Commission, more than $9 million was spent in 2020 on the hiring of 85 crew members and more than 100 local actors and extras. In terms of lodging, 70 days of filming in the Hudson Valley led to the booking of more than 5,000 local hotel rooms.

Work on the Brazilian Film Diaries of an Exchange Student took place in February and Werewolves Within wrapped on March 9 just as the virus spread in New York. Werewolves Within was directed by Woodstock native Josh Ruben. With all production shut down in mid-March that leaves the industry, much like the rest of the community, at a standstill.

The $9 million is spending doesn't reflect several days of recent reshoots for HBO's I Know This Much Is True and work done in Fishkill and Wappingers on the sci-fi series Ray James so the total for the first quarter could rise. The movie and television industry in the area will bounce back just as the rest of us will.

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